Emergency shelter and non-food items (NFIs) for Rohingya

06 April, 2015 Bangladesh, Causes Four
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Overview of Needs

All Rohingya that has arrived since 25 August are all in need of emergency shelter and non-food items (NFIs), having no shelter or are buying poor quality materials and building makeshift shelters.

Additionally, those households that arrived prior to the recent influx also need shelter and NFI support, as the shelters, they improvised upon their arrival have deteriorated over time, particularly following the impact of Cyclone Mora. In terms of NFI, the needs are acute as families arrived with only what they could carry. Kitchen sets, sleeping mats and blankets are critical to improving living conditions. It is crucial that shelter and NFI support is provided is in line international humanitarian standards and global best practice.

Further to the provision of shelter materials, technical guidance is urgently required to ensure that Rohingya households can build safer shelters and make localized site improvements, such as drainage, fire mitigation and terracing.

Many families have arrived and established new sites, and many others settled into existing ones to access services, markets and assistance, rendering these sites overcrowded. As a result, sites particularly around Balukhali and Kutupalong are highly congested with poor shelter and WASH conditions, which present a great risk to the safety and health of the entire population. Decongestion of sites is thus a critical and immediate need. A strategy for decongestion will need to be devised in coordination with other sectors, notably Site Management, Protection and WASH.

Finally, many families in host communities live in poor conditions and require some level of support to improve and enhance their homes and lives.

Gender, Age and Disability

Shelter interventions will consider the different needs of women, girls, boys and men as well as specific vulnerable groups. Female-headed households

and families with persons with disabilities will be prioritized in the distribution of shelter support and NFIs. Those who cannot build on their own shelters will be supported in their construction. For disabled and elderly households, shelter partners will seek to enable access to shelter and key communal services in the vicinity, such as latrines. In the construction of shelters, partners will encourage beneficiaries to install partitions for privacy, particularly for breastfeeding women. NFI kits include kitchen sets so that households can, where possible, cook their own meals.

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