About Us

Help The Needy Charitable Trust is an international humanitarian and development organization, established in 1996 and registered with the charity commission of England and Wales, as an emergency relief and development organization, we work on number of thematic areas around the world, including Education, Health, Livelihood and Sponsorships, Protection, Child Protection, Women Empowerment and seasonal projects.
Help The Needy Charitable Trust is dedicated to support the most vulnerable people regardless of race, ethnicity or religion. We endeavor to fulfill two important objectives; one is protecting life and dignity in times of emergencies and second is empowering communities through sustainable development.


    Our mission is to tackle poverty and bring a semblance of normality to the lives of orphans, widows, families who are affected by natural disaster and chronic poverty


    Our vision is to empower and enable vulnerable and disadvantaged women and children to sustain their livelihoods through means of shelter, food, primary healthcare and education.

    Our values are the reflection of our work and we believe that this is the best way to attain success in helping the vulnerable around the world.


    We adopt a transparent mechanism to engage communities, beneficiaries, and key stakeholders to ensure our activities are a success. Transparency remains at the heart of our humanitarian and development work.


    We have established an accountability framework within the organization, as well as in our projects.


    We encourage productive achievement, to unleash the highest potential of all members of our team.


    We demonstrate an innovative approach in all of our activities.