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Millions of people lack the most basic education, which includes literacy, baseline mathematical understanding, and general life skills.

Yet basic education in all societies is critical to the individual and economic development and political stability—and it also contributes to improved health, human rights and gender equity.

At World Education, we believe that ensuring a quality basic education is the best hope for long-term sustainable development.

We seek to ensure that all learners—both children and adults—are empowered with basic reading, writing, and numeracy skills. We understand the critical importance of developing reading skills at an early age, and many of our programs focus on early grade reading.

World Education’s life skills education approach makes curricula more relevant to the needs of all students, whose grasp of material increases dramatically as it is directly linked to their everyday lives. Learners acquire a range of everyday life skills necessary to live effectively in society, including: critical thinking, decision making, social skills, and civic participation. They also learn more specific technical and occupational-specific skills including how to set up and run small businesses or how to make use of sustainable agriculture methods.

To ensure students leave classes with the basic skills they need, World Education also trains teachers to use interactive and learner-cantered approaches. Some out-of-school, or non formal programs serve as a bridge that enables students to enroll in the formal school system at age-appropriate levels.

World Education also builds partnerships between communities, employers, teachers, and learners to ensure students leave school with the skills and resources they need for productive employment.

Targeted locations:

  • Iraq 8 projects
  • Pakistan 5 projects
  • Bangladesh 6 projects
  • Kosovo & Albania 2 projects

Type of projects:

  • Vocational Training Centres
  • School kits programs
  • Street children’s
  • School rehabilitation or Construction
  • Mosque & Community Centres


Projects we proud of:

  • Street Children:

Help The Needy Charitable Trust started working in Bangladesh for Street children to protect their basic rights, education and nutrition issues. Till date it has supported 350 street children in Dhaka under the project called; ‘Basic Education and Nutritional Food Support to Street Children’.

  • Vocational Training Centre in Bangladesh and Iraq:

Help the Needy Charitable Trust has developed a Vocational Training Centre for underprivileged youth in district Jessore in Bangladesh and Iraq to provide skills training on ICT, Electronics, Electrical, Automobile and Textiles. Every year over 500 students complete their diploma from the institute, and this training and assistance help these underprivileged and unemployed youth to have respectable earnings for their families and self-employment assistance to widows and destitute women in Dhaka , Jessore and Iraq. Till date it has supported 160 vulnerable women to be self-reliant in Bangladesh and iraq it has annual capacity of 320 vulnerable women to have access to skills training and empowerment assistance through its vocational training centre in Jessore

  • School Kits in Pakistan, Iraq and Bangladesh

Help The Needy Charitable Trust has distributed 1000 School kits to vulnerable children in different schools in Pakistan, Iraq  and Bangladesh. Each school kit had a uniform, syllabus books, a school bag and some stationaries.

  • Learning Centre for Women in Kosovo & Albania

Help The Needy Charitable Trust has established and provided English language education and computer training to Hundreds of women in Kosove & Albana. These skills has empowered women and given them the awareness to present them in better way in the society

  • Mosque & Community Centres:

Help The Needy Charitable Trust runs regular project of building mosques and community centres in Pakistan and Bangladesh.


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