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The shelter is a vital survival mechanism in times of crisis or displacement. It is also key to restoring personal security, self-sufficiency and dignity.

At HTN, a core part of our protection mission is to guarantee access to adequate shelter in humanitarian emergencies. We provide tents, distribute plastic sheeting and develop emergency strategies, tools and guidelines, rushing aid and restoring a sense of home to those who need it most.

In urban areas, many refugees share accommodation or live in non-functional public buildings, collective centres, slums and informal types of settlements. Conditions are often substandard and providing shelter poses major challenges. In rural settings, delivering protection and humanitarian assistance through refugee camps is common.

Over 2.6 million refugees currently live in camps worldwide and have been displaced for over five years, some for over a generation. While camps can be practical, particularly during emergencies, encampment results in a range of problems, including aid dependency and isolation.

On cold nights or hot afternoons, our help can be the difference between life and death.

As well as distributing tents, HTN also provides materials and winter kits such as plastic sheeting and matting that can be used to make a simple shelter.

Targeted locations:

  • Iraq 14 projects
  • Pakistan 6 projects
  • Myanmar 2 projects
  • Bangladesh 8 projects

Type of projects:

  • Houses Rehabilitation programs
  • Villages constructing programs
  • Clothing programs
  • Caravans
  • Winter Aid programs
  • Long and small Barack shelters
  • Solar Panel Installation

Projects we proud of:

  • Construction of “Doha Village” in Pakistan for the Flood Victims

After the floods of 2010 in Pakistan, over 800,000 houses have been damaged and millions of people have displaced. Help The Needy Charitable Trust has decided to reconstruct a model village called “Doha Village” for the floods affected people of Pakistan. 200 houses were built with its allied amenities like school, clinic, mosque, Children Park and a small market for villagers to trade.

  • Winter Aid Project:

Help The Needy Charitable Trust runs a regular programme to support poor and vulnerable people suffering from hardship in the difficult time of winter through its Winter Survival Kit. Thousands of families benefit from this project in the areas of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Iraq.

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