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06 April, 2015 Bangladesh, Causes Two
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Overview of Needs

Most new refugee arrivals in makeshift settlements and spontaneous sites need immediate food assistance. The majority are without any food supplies and are dependent on humanitarian distributions, which is still being scaled up particularly in new spontaneous sites, or on what is provided by other refugees already present in Cox’s Bazar and by the local host community.

The food security situation for refugees in makeshift settlements is highly vulnerable with 8.5 percent of the households registering alarming poor food consumption score Data on income and expenditure reveals low levels of income of refugees in the makeshift settlements compared to those living in the registered refugee camps.

By comparison, around 82 percent of Rohingya living in the registered refugee camps have acceptable food consumption scores, representing an overall stable food security situation. This is due to assistance provided through the e-voucher system, more inclusion in the local value chain due to long duration presence and multiple livelihood options. (FSS surveillance, WFP/ACF, 2017).

On average, for host communities, 33 percent of people live below the poverty line and 17 percent live below the extreme poverty line. Cox’s Bazar District has been classified as moderate Chronic Food Insecurity (Level 3) (IPC, chronic analysis,2015). Food utilization is a major limiting factor to food security. Most of the chronically food insecure households are affected by high dependency on inadequately diversified foods and a lack of efficient energy for cooking.

Efforts also need to be made to reduce any potential inter-communal tensions between the newly arrived refugees and those that were already present in Cox’s Bazar prior to this latest influx.

Gender, Age and Disability

The Food Security Sector is focusing on vulnerable groups, including under-five children and pregnant and lactating women who will be provided with targeted food assistance. The distribution of cooked food by mobile teams will also target the most vulnerable, such as the elderly, PLWs and female-headed household. The Food Security Sector is also coordinating with other UN agencies and INGOs to cover the needs of orphan children and for women and girls at Women Friendly Spaces.


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